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Side Gigs for Restaurants

Small Business Labs

The New York Times article You’ve Heard of Ghost Kitchens. Meet the Ghost Franchises covers the growing number of companies franchising food concepts to existing restaurants.

What is Olympic revelation? Game Development is the creative

Office Organization Success

There is a fate of metamorphosis in the gambling trade due to AI (Artificial Intelligence), IoT(Internet of Things), the proliferation of AR and VR realities, the retirement of 5G, and buyer data. This pillar is part of a fresh gradation that fathom the top liquid marathon renew in a rude. The gambling fair is maturation at proud swiftness. The assemblage now trusts in created unaccustomed technology that can benefit millions of gamers ????????? all over the circle.

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Are You Falling for Job Scams?

On The Job

There are millions of people searching for jobs right now, which can be a stressful time. But to add to that stress: scammers. These scammers know that people are desperate, and that gives them lots of targets. Recently, FlexJobs identified 14 common job search scams. Among them: Data entry.

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Recruit CRM's Recruitment Entrepreneurs Series Ft. Louise Archer

Recruit CRM

Folks at Recruit CRM have been recently engaging with a lot of recruitment entrepreneurs and the one thing that we find common in everyone is the insane amount of resilience.

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Recode's 10 ways office work will never be the same

Small Business Labs

At around 4,000 words, Recode's 10 ways office work will never be the same is really more of a report than an article. The article is chocked full of data and links to interesting studies illustrating what offices will be like post-pandemic. 

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How to Manage Zoom Fatigue and Protect Your Energy

The Assistant Room

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic there has been a monumental shift in the way we conduct business, swapping the office for spare bedrooms, […]. The post How to Manage Zoom Fatigue and Protect Your Energy first appeared on The Assistant Room. Career

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Digital Marketing Tips For Your Small Business

Small Business CEO

Marketing is the fun part in business. Take a moment to see it like this; you get the opportunity to tell the world about your passion and what your business has to offer. Sure, there’s more to it than that, but business marketing doesn’t have to be a dreaded topic of conversation.

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Spending on Pets and Investing in Pet Startups Continues to Grow

Small Business Labs

spending on pets reached nearly $100 billion in 2020, up from $95.7 billion in 2019, according to the American Pet Products Association.  

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The Subtle Dance Of Reality Insertion Points

Brilliantly Better

You wake up in the morning and, without even thinking, reach out for your phone. That’s the first thing you do. It may be that you’re checking your emails, your social media feed, or just go through the notifications.

How Does International Payment Processing Work

Small Business CEO

As your business grows and evolves, you may want to start to learn more about international payment processing – it’s easy to assume that it’s just as simple as changing your prices for an international audience.

Is Hiring Students Worth The Investment?

Recruit CRM

When businesses plan to expand, they are in search of new members to add to their existing team. The process of recruitment can be strenuous for most employers, largely because finding the right fit for the organization and its corporate culture is a daunting task.

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Episode 363: Meaningful Online Connections with Misha Glouberman


Misha Glouberman , communication expert, teaches you how to build meaningful online connections without the Zoom fatigue. This episode is sponsored by Canva Pro. It’s the easy-to-use design platform that has everything you need to design like a pro.

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Information Myopia, Or How To Screw Up By Ignorance

Brilliantly Better

The other day my flat mate sent me a message asking me what type of peas do we usually buy. She was at the grocery store, and we use to cook together, one of the dishes being based on canned peas with carrots. As I was the one buying it, most of the time, she. Read more.

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6 Common Traits All Successful Entrepreneurs Possess

Small Business CEO

Every entrepreneur has their own story — but the successful ones typically have a few things in common. Certain traits and characteristics can help entrepreneurs persevere in the face of adversity and keep new business ventures afloat.

Ep 107: Deborah Mendes on Health and Wellness in the Workplace

Go Burrows

Deborah Mendes is a senior executive assistant with 20 years experience supporting high level executives in large global companies. In this episode, Deborah shares her tips on managing constant interruptions, self-care, self-awareness, and health and wellness in the workplace. LEADERSHIP QUOTE.

Why Becoming Your Own Best Friend Will Boost Your Productivity


Productivity isn’t just about getting things done. It’s more nuanced than that. And so are the things that can get in the way of optimal productivity. I don’t usually get into one particular thing that can have an impact on your productivity, but in this piece I am going to go there.

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The “High Five”-ification Of Social Media, And How It Slowly Kills It

Brilliantly Better

I’m sure there aren’t many of my readers who remember High Five. I’m not gonna lie, even for me it seems quite strange at times, but it was a real thing.

How to be a Disciplined Forex Trader

Small Business CEO

If you have started your journey as a novice trader, you must have a motive to do so. You will be driven by a specific set of goals and take trades with a premium strategy. When you will start making money, you will gradually become successful.

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The Conversation: What Your Boss Needs to Hear


You’re ready to address your promotion – how do you have “the conversation” with your boss? How do you address the compensation? What about negotiating? Let’s discuss all these important points that you cannot skip.

The New Role of the Executive Assistant


The world of work is changing. How and where we work has been evolving. It’s fair to say that a shift began a few years ago, but the pandemic accelerated the changes in workplaces.

Monday Moving Forward: Detach From The Reward

Brilliantly Better

As I find Mondays notoriously difficult to navigate, I decided to start a series about how to get over them. Or, to be more precise, how to get over the feeling of being stuck, of not advancing fast enough. Or, in some Mondays, how to get over of that intense headache, which may, or may. Read more.

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How To Up Your Sales In-store

Small Business CEO

Perhaps you’ve noticed a lull in sales, or you’re simply looking for ways to boost your income this month; there are a few things you can do to make things more attractive for your customers and get them to spend more in-store. Here are a few ideas. Make things as easy as possible.

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A History Of Weirdness: From Websites To Apps, And Then To Smart Contracts

Brilliantly Better

One of the benefits of sticking around in a certain niche is that, in time, you get a broader perspective.

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Her, The Movie, And A Flat Line In An ER Room

Brilliantly Better

Do you remember Her, the movie? It’s not that old, actually, it premiered just 8 years ago and it even got an Oscar for the best screenplay. This sad Sci-Fi romantic love story features Joaquin Phoenix falling in love with an AI virtual assistant, called Samantha, which is played (voiced?)

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Things that Car Owners Do that Surprisingly Damage Their Vehicles

Small Business CEO

Cars are costly investments. As much as possible, you want to protect your investments. Unlike a house, the value of your car will depreciate over time. Whether used or unused, it will never be as expensive as you the moment you made your purchase.

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How to Make an International Wire Transfer – A Complete Guide

Small Business CEO

There are plenty of reasons you may need to send an international wire transfer. From paying for a dream vacation to sending a gift to a loved one overseas or shopping online with your favorite international boutique store.

Steps Towards Error-free Payroll: The Complete Guide

Small Business CEO

It is needless to say that payroll management presents many challenges for many businesses. Well, with several HRIS solutions, organizations have been able to address payroll challenges more easily.

The Best Insurance Companies for High-Risk Drivers

Small Business CEO

If you’re a high-risk driver, it’s hard to find affordable auto insurance. Fortunately, there are plenty of insurance companies that cater to high-risk drivers. Some companies use high-risk drivers to balance their insurance pool. Others specialize exclusively in insuring high-risk drivers.

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Learning To Play The Guitar – 7 Months After

Brilliantly Better

Exactly 7 months ago, I started to learn to play the guitar. I had no previous experience whatsoever, not in musical theory, not in playing another instrument, nada. It all started like a way to counter-balance the effects of the lockdowns, and I’m happy and grateful I found this way to go through it. Read more. The post Learning To Play The Guitar – 7 Months After appeared first on Dragos Roua. Personal Development

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How Might PR and SEO Combine for Effective Results in the Medical Communications Industry?

Small Business CEO

PR and SEO are no longer separate entities; they now work in tandem. Businesses rely heavily on their online visibility, and public relations is an essential component of increasing brand recognition.

How Can a Cloud-Native Approach Make Small Businesses Flourish?

Small Business CEO

As a method of designing and running software that takes advantage of the benefits of cloud computing, a cloud-native approach has become a critical component of the IT framework.

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Getting The Best Real Estate Attorney 

Small Business CEO

One of the things that each one of us has to deal with as adults is that of having to ensure that the real properties we own and buy are legal and aboveboard. To do that, we need to sign legal documents and make sure that it follows all legal requirements and guidelines.

4 Common Challenges of Working with Overseas Freelancers

Small Business CEO

If you run a small business, working with freelancers can be an ideal way to keep your costs low and ensure that you are able to easily get the services that you need.

Get the Most Out of Protecting Your Inventory with Cellular Impact Recorders

Small Business CEO

Impact recorders are incredibly useful for revealing impact issues and catching concealed damage as inventory travels along the supply chain. They can also be useful for a wide range of other applications at any organization.

What are High Bay LED Lights And Their Use Case?

Small Business CEO

High-bay lamps, as their name suggests, are used to illuminate spaces with high ceilings. This typically entails ceiling heights ranging from 20 to 45 feet. On the other hand, low-bay lamps are found in rooms with ceilings of 20 feet or less.

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6 Best Life Insurance Plans in India You Probably Never Heard Of

Small Business CEO

When you hear the word ‘insurance’, your mind often thinks about products such as home, car, health, and term insurance. However, being an integral part of financial planning, insurance is way beyond these surface-level solutions that can be easily found with a little bit of research.