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Perceiving a Better Future

Dumb Little Man

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. Wayne Dyer A poll after the first televised debate between two presidential candidates in 1960 had some interesting results. Those who watched it on TV tended to think that John F. Kennedy was the winner, while most of those who listened on the radio believed Richard Nixon had won hands down.

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3 Steps to Hosting and Organizing a Successul Telesummit Event

Office Organization Success

Hosting your own Telesummit is the number one list-building strategy. In fact, if done correctly, a telesummit can add hundreds of new subscribers to your list, practically overnight. If you’re not sure what a Telesummit is, it’s simply a multi-teleclass event with a series of different speakers, and you’re the host and organizer of the event. As the host of the Telesummit, you then get to interview each speaker and they share their expertise with the telesummit attendees.

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Coworking Members Learning New Skills, Becoming More Successful

Small Business Labs

One of the more interesting findings from our recent survey of coworking members is how many reported they had learned new skills - or improved their existing skills - due to their coworking space membership: 69% of the respondents reported they learned new skills. 68% of the respondents reported they improved their existing skill set. The learning generally comes two ways.

2015 188

Save Time With An SOP

Simple Productivity Blog

I want you to think of something that you don't do very often but are rather complicated. Did you have to spend extra time trying to remember all of the things you needed to do? Or did you forget something and have to go back and do it? That's where an SOP can help. The post Save Time With An SOP appeared first on Simple Productivity Blog. More great content can be found on the site at Simple Productivity Blog.,

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4 Truths About Worry

Dumb Little Man

Worry is such a bain to many people’s existence and it is a sly foe that likes to creep up on you and whisper less than pleasant thoughts into your ears trying to hypnotise you into mediocrity. You can sometimes tell yourself over and over to stop worrying but you just can’t stop and then you start worrying about the fact you are worrying so much and it is not good for your health. Bastard got me again.

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Launching Assist Travel

Practically Perfect PA

Following the success of the Assist Conference I have decided to organise a few more events throughout the year. First up we have Assist Travel taking place on Friday 4th September 2015 from 10am to 4pm in London. This is a free to attend event for Practically Perfect PA subscribers. Why should you attend Assist Travel? Choosing a supplier for your office is not easy, particuarly when it comes to business travel.

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McKinsey's Four Global Disruptions

Small Business Labs

McKinsey's new book No Ordinary Disruptions covers 4 global forces they believe are rewriting the world economy's operating system. The 4 are: The Age of Urbanization. Accelerating Technological Change. Responding to the Challenges of an Aging World. Greater Global Connections. What's interesting about this list is these trends have been apparent and discussed for many years.

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What A Man Can Expect When Expecting Counseling

Dumb Little Man

Men are often on the other side of my office door, pacing in the waiting room as I prepare for our first session of psychological counseling. Many of my male patients are nervous the first time we meet and have never reached out for mental health therapy before. Some worry that asking for help is a sign of defeat. Some can’t decide what to talk about in our first session, which can be scary for them.

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Last chance to enter our Biscuiteers giveaway!

Practically Perfect PA

Thanks to the lovely folk at Biscuiteers , the luxury, hand-iced biscuit gifting company, we have a very special giveaway for Practically Perfect PA readers. We are offering one lucky reader the chance to attend the Biscuiteers School of Icing with a friend. You’ll both enjoy an afternoon at the stunning Biscuiteers Boutique and with the help of their talented icers, be taught all the tricks and techniques to create your very own iced biscuit collection.

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Many High Earners Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Small Business Labs

We' written a fair amount about economic uncertainty and the impact it's having on everything from marriage and birth rates  to the rise of the on-demand economy and the rapidly growing number of people with side gigs.    One of the main drivers of economic uncertainty is living paycheck to paycheck. This, obviously, means an unexpected bill or job loss can quickly result in substantial financial damage.

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How Assistants Manage Their Workload (and all the extras, like training!)

Office Dynamics

Are you one of the many assistants who claims you can’t attend a training course or even get away for a free webinar because you’re just too busy? We’ve witnessed firsthand hundreds, maybe thousands of assistants who take the time to get away for an hour, a day and sometimes a whole week to keep learning and growing their professional skillset. Here’s how assistants manage their workload and find time for other things, like training! .

2015 195

Markers of Success— Understanding the Successful From the Unsuccessful

Dumb Little Man

It is difficult to formulate an equation for success or draw an ideal image of the successful man or woman. It is also not possible to determine parameters to judge the success of a particular person by. There can however be a few points of difference noticed in attitude and work ethics of those that succeed and those that do not. Successful people have a keen sense of self awareness, which is why they are likely to be clear about their goals and oriented towards achieving them.

2015 188

Working on your own initiative

Practically Perfect PA

In my blog posts I often write about proactivity and showing initiative. I think it is hugely important for assistants to be proactive so that they are noticed and rewarded within the work place. Proactivity, showing initiative and demonstrating your worth should eventually pay off with promotions and recognition. It isn’t easy (in fact it can be ridiculously hard!) and actually it can be quite difficult to know where to start. How do you, as an assistant, show initiative?

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On The Job - Untitled Article

On The Job

Are you your best self every day? While that may sound like a question posed by Oprah, a new book by Tom Rath -- the author of the mega-selling "StrengthsFinder 2.0" -- points out that many people pursue happiness instead of creating meaning. He believes you need to start rethinking your daily interactions with the people who matter most, and put your own health first in order to be your best every day. In " Are You Fully Charged?

2015 184

Branding Your YouTube Videos with Custom Thumbnails

Tips From T. Marie

YouTube is great for sharing videos, but have you noticed that the image that appears when your video isn’t playing is hit or miss? Even if you’ve spent time designing that first frame, chances are that’s not the frame that ultimately gets chosen as it’s ‘resting face’( the more technical term is ‘thumbnail’). Thankfully there is an easy way to make that frozen frame appear the way you want it to.

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Open Loops 5/22/2015

Simple Productivity Blog

On Fridays I pull the best of my blog readings to share with readers. Topics can come from anywhere, and cover anything. This week I highlight articles on: Dealing with selfish people. Little-known features on the iPhone. Getting songs out of your head. Conquering overwhelm. Why the two-minute rule doesn't work.and more! The post Open Loops 5/22/2015 appeared first on Simple Productivity Blog. More great content can be found on the site at Simple Productivity Blog.,

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Practically Perfect PA giveaway: The Biscuiteers winner…

Practically Perfect PA

Thank you to everyone who entered the Biscuiteers and Practically Perfect PA giveaway! I can now announce the winner… drum roll please… is: Jenna Beckett. Congratulations Jenna! We will contact you to get your details! Thanks again to Biscuiteers for hosting such a fantastic giveaway. Biscuiteers, who have been quoted as a ‘PA’s secret weapon’, make hand-iced biscuits, chocolates and cakes perfect for every gifting occasion imaginable.

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Passion and Purpose – Keys to Finding (or Not Finding) Your Niche

Step It Up VA Coaching

by Donna Toothaker. You are a talented individual, and through your past positions you may have acquired a pretty big proverbial hat collection with all of the different ones you’ve had to wear. So when you’re developing your business, don’t be too hasty in picking one and throwing the rest out. It’s important to identify which hat is the most comfortable; which one you like wearing the most, and which one makes you shine every time you put it on. Don’t force a niche.

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Clutter Coach

by Originally posted 2008-10-06 16:05:24. Republished by Blog Post Promoter. P aper vs. electronic. If paper: wall or portable. To do’s vs. appointments. Personal vs. business. Repeating events. Family calendar. Where to keep it. When to look at it. The post Calendar appeared first on Clutter Coach

The Growing Startup Scene Hungary & Budapest

The Small Business Blog

When you talk about the most exciting startup scenes across Europe, the cities of London, Berlin and Stockholm are usually on the tips of most tongues while Hungary and its capital Budapest aren’t traditionally associated with the startup community. Better know for its hot springs and the Chain Bridge that links the two separate areas… Read the full article here: The Growing Startup Scene Hungary & Budapest on: THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG.

2015 152

Live Your BIG & BOLD Life Free Webinar Replay

Office Dynamics

Access the free webinar replay here. Working women hold a unique position in our society. We juggle family, business demands, and social lives. But all too often, we encounter resistance. Glass ceilings, stereotypes, and the physical limitations of time all attempt to hold us back. It’s easy to focus on the needs of others; but in doing so, we fail to nurture ourselves. We’re left feeling overwhelmed, disempowered, and permanently stuck on the “hamster wheel” of a busy life. Can you relate?

2015 141

How to Kill Collaboration

On The Job

Collaboration is an important buzzword around the workplace today, but David Strom’s observation several years ago that there is a belief that “sharing is still for sissies” can still ring true today. Strom noted that until that attitude changes, “the headphones will stay firmly stuck in our ears, blocking out the rest of the world around us,” he wrote.

10 Ways To Form a Compound Noun

Daily Writing Tips

Compound nouns are of three kinds: open , hyphenated , and closed. As the names imply, “open compounds” are written as separate words, “hyphenated compounds” are written with one or more hyphens, and “closed compounds” are written as a single word. Many compounds begin as open , progress to hyphenated , and finish as closed.

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Outsourcing Services to Virtual Staff: Is It Worth It?


I’m preparing for my live streaming event Beyond Productivity , so I’ve enlisted the help of additional contributors this week. The following is a guest post from Felix Tarcomnicu. Felix is an entrepreneur that helps small business owners outsource work to virtual assistants. You can connect with him on Twitter. Outsourcing was designed primarily as a cost management strategy.

2015 79

How Color Affects Your Mood (and Wellness)

Office Dynamics

I love spring—all the colors are so beautiful. Outside, there is an array of colors that inspire freshness, newness, brightness and make me feel energetic! We actually have a lot of color in the desert. The colors range from gorgeous purples, eye-popping pinks, bright yellows, vibrant oranges and tons of rich red roses! When I walk into the store I love seeing all the bright colors and florals. It perks me right up!

2015 140

Are you making these capitalization mistakes?

Men With Pens

Click here to read the full article →Another rocking post from Men With Pens! Are you making these capitalization mistakes? first appeared on Men With Pens Copyright 2006 — 2015, [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]. Better Writing

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Nauseated vs. Nauseous

Daily Writing Tips

A reader sent me this request: Would you please do a blast-out about the word nauseated versus nauseous ? The noun “blast-out” is new to me, but I presume it means something like the following: a strongly worded admonition to English speakers to get the difference between these two words straight once and for all, blast it! The more I research usage and write about it, the less inclined I am to blast out about anything, especially word pairs like nauseous and nauseated.

2015 83

Celebrate Tonight To Boost Your Productivity Tomorrow


The following is a guest post by Karl Staib. Karl helps smart leaders reduce turnover, improve productivity, and multiply creativity, so you and your employees get more done while feeling happy throughout the process. Get the first 6 modules of the Work Happy Now Emergency Kit – Break in case of stress overload for free when you sign up for updates. An unfortunate incident occurred during my stay at the Portland Marriott last summer.

2015 75

Things Small Business Can Do to Jumpstart Their SEO Campaign

Small Business CEO

As a small business competing in a crowded market, getting that extra marketing edge could mean a lot. The internet is your friend when it comes to marketing your products and services to segmented markets, and with over 60% of traffic coming from search engines, SEO is definitely the internet marketing instrument to use. If you are just getting started with SEO, here are a few things you can do to jumpstart your campaign. The Contents That Work.

2015 80

The devil is in the detail: The importance of creating a thorough event brief

Practically Perfect PA

As Event Professionals (#Eventprofs), most of us will have experienced a request to organise an event with brevity of instruction…. ‘We We need to organise an event in London for 200 people on 20 th June’. For the uninitiated, this may seem like a straightforward request until you start to ponder the type and style of venues you need to research, whether those venues will fit within the company’s budget, and… well, ‘what is our budget anyway?’ And that’s just for starters. Event Planning.

2015 174

Mistakes With Regard

Daily Writing Tips

The English word regard has multiple meanings as both noun and verb. A common error is to attach an s to the noun in certain expressions. Incorrect: In congressional questioning, assessment of Clinton’s performance at State in regards to the Benghazi attack was split by party line.—US US News & World Report. Correct : In congressional questioning, assessment of Clinton’s performance at State in regard to the Benghazi attack was split by party line.

2015 82

No More Conventional Antonyms

Daily Writing Tips

One of the innovations of Newspeak, the version of English used by the totalitarian government in Orwell’s dystopic novel Nineteen Eighty-Four , was the elimination of antonyms.

2015 78

Mediation, Arbitration, and Litigation

Daily Writing Tips

In general usage, mediate and arbitrate are synonyms. However, as a reader pointed out when I used the words mediator and arbitrated in a sentence illustrating the difference between uninterested and disinterested , the roles of mediator and arbitrator in a legal context are distinct. Note: Like arbitrator , the noun arbiter also means “one who judges.” Arbiter usually refers to someone who judges matters of taste or etiquette: “Gradually, the arbiters of the New York art world caught on.

2015 76

Discomfort and Discomfiture

Daily Writing Tips

A reader asks, Can you explain the origin of the word discomfiture ? This seems to be a recent invention; I was not coming across this word about 10 years ago. However, recently its use has increased. Is it the same as discomfort ? Discomfiture is not as common a word as discomfort , but it has been used continuously in English since Chaucer’s day. Discomfort is a little earlier, dating from about 1350, when it meant “deprivation of happiness.”.

2015 75

The Changing Meaning of School

Daily Writing Tips

Since Shakespeare’s time at least, children have been portrayed as being reluctant to go to school: …the whining school-boy with his satchel. And shining morning face, creeping like snail. Unwillingly to school. — As You Like It , II:vii,148-150. That’s a sad fate for school , a word that originated in the context of enjoyable leisure time. Our word school comes from Latin schola , “learned leisure.” Schola was free time during which educated men could sit around and talk about ideas.

2015 70

How to Run your Business from The Beach

Small Business CEO

We’d all like to think that we’re indispensible. And leaders are no different. Some leaders don’t take holidays, fearful that their business will collapse in their absence. Happily, thanks to modern technology, communications and working practices, it’s now entirely possible (and even desirable) for leaders to keep a business running effectively from the comfort of a sun lounger.

2015 79

Signs of the Times: Symptoms It’s Time to Seek Professional SEO Help

Small Business CEO

Many businesses like to take a DIY approach to SEO, and you may be one of them. After all, you can read up on plenty of SEO tips online from all the experts, and many SEO tactics are based on tasks you can do yourself. However, sometimes hiring a professional team can be a very good idea. Here are some of the signs that you may need to invest in outside help. Your Ranking Is Falling. If your ranking is falling in the search engines, it’s fair to assume that you are doing something wrong.

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