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Working with an introvert

Practically Perfect PA

The key to a successful relationship between an assistants and their Executive is having a good understanding of how each other operate. Actually let me rephrase that… the assistant should have a good understanding of how the Executive operates and adjust their style accordingly. Most people fall into two camps when it comes to their personality – they are either an introvert or extrovert.

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Corporations Hiring More Contingent Talent

Small Business Labs

Ardent Partners has released its State of Contingent Workforce Management 2015-2016 report. I got my copy at Guidant's website. They're a study sponsor (registration required).    The tagline of the study is "the future of work is here" By this they mean contingent talent - freelancers, consultants, independent contractors, temps etc. - is becoming a substantial source of corporate talent.

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5 Steps To Adjust Your Balance

Simple Productivity Blog

Last week we looked at how you can know if you are out of balance. Today we will give you 5 steps to get your life back into balance. Know Where You’re Headed. Too often being out of balance is just sense of something being out of whack. We know that things aren’t like we want them to be. At the same time, if we had the bandwidth for figuring out why we were working so much we would have time to do other stuff and we wouldn’t be out of balance!

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Is the Sound of Your Voice Hurting Your Career?

On The Job

You may be surprised the first time you hear your own recorded voice. Who is that person who sounds like Daffy Duck? Why didn’t anyone ever tell you that your voice makes you sound like a third-grader? Is your voice really so high-pitched it’s a wonder dogs aren’t howling for miles around? While everyone is taken a bit by surprise to hear his or her own voice, most people just shrug it off – or try to convince themselves they don’t sound that bad.

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Finding the perfect space to celebrate the festive season!

Practically Perfect PA

London has lots to offer when it comes to venues to celebrate Christmas and the end of a successful year. Many companies highly value this informal time once a year to socialise with colleagues and show appreciation for all the year’s achievements. With so much to choose from it can often be very intimidating to pick a venue for your office party, we all want to please our colleagues so finding a space which fits the personality of the business is very important.

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Despite Regulatory Issues, Funding for Drones Continues to Fly High

Small Business Labs

According to CB Insights, venture funding for drones continues to reach new highs. Key quote from their article  Liftoff: Drone Funding Hits All-Time High For Third-Straight Quarter : After reaching an all-time high in each of the past two quarters, drone funding showed no sign of slowing down, reaching $139M on 20 deals in Q3’15. Deal count also reached a third-straight all-time quarterly high. The CB Insights chart below (click to enlarge) illustrates this growth.

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Why You’re Not Getting What You’re Expecting

Tips From T. Marie

As some of you know creating handcrafted things is what I do in my ‘spare’ time. I find it not only relaxing, but it keeps my creativity fresh and flowing. Recently, on one of the crafting groups I belong to, someone posted a story with a moral about the pricing of handcrafted items. I won’t post it in it’s entirety here, but it went something like this. A woman found a hand-crafted item she loved and wanted, however she felt the price was too high.

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Using social media to empower assistants

Practically Perfect PA

If you are reading this post it is more than likely that you are involved in some sort of social media platform be it LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook (I´m not sure how else you would have found this blog!). That is brilliant and I am probably talking to the converted however I think it is worth saying (or saying again in this case) that social media really can empower assistants. There are many many benefits for assistants to be involved in social media activities.

The Art of Efficient Thinking (How to Reduce Cognitive Load)


Sean Nisil is an entrepreneur and advisor based in California. He is committed to helping people achieve and maintain their ideal lives through his coaching and writing. You can follow him on Twitter @SeanNisil. To receive his most popular articles, join his free newsletter here. . Does your mind feel like it is a tornado of noise, tasks, deadlines, people and projects vying for your attention? Don’t forget to use the new cover sheet on the reports at work.”. Bring home milk on the way home.”.

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Gendered Pronouns

Daily Writing Tips

When I began writing about language several decades ago, the pronoun errors that concerned my readers related to number and case. I never imagined that gender would ever become a source of confusion. Nowadays, however, journalists are faced with the question of which pronouns to use when writing about transgender people.

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The Apple Pile And The Need For Consistency

Brilliantly Better

In a corner of our kitchen there is a small basket. We use it for fruits. It has a round shape and it’s made of … The post The Apple Pile And The Need For Consistency appeared first on Dragos Roua. Personal Development

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Maximising your productivity and dealing with interruptions

Practically Perfect PA

Most assistants find that they are the absolute centre of their office, they are the fountain of all knowledge and the keeper of all secrets. This is generally a brilliant place to be and one of the main reasons assistants love their job. One of the draw backs is the constant attention (and adulation) from demanding colleagues. It can actually be pretty constant throughout the day – it can pretty annoying too!

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The Importance Of Scheduling


Paul Minors is a productivity blogger who loves helping people improve their productivity so they can get more out of life. Paul’s new product, The Personal Productivity Toolkit helps you manage your time and get more done. If you want to be productive, you must embrace the power of scheduling your tasks. You have two main tools that help you do this: your to-do list and your calendar. Your to-do list is the place where you define and organize what you’re going to do.

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Two Kinds of Protagonist

Daily Writing Tips

The definition of protagonist most familiar to me as a student of literature is this one: protagonist noun : the chief character in a dramatic work. Hence, in extended use: the leading character, or one of the main characters, in any narrative work, as a poem, novel, film, etc. According to this definition, the sister of Polynices is the protagonist of Antigone , Dorothea Brooke is the protagonist of Middlemarch , and Ree Dolly is the protagonist of Winter’s Bone.

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7 Simple Ways to Write a List Post That Gets Read

Men With Pens

Click here to read the full article →Another rocking post from Men With Pens! 7 Simple Ways to Write a List Post That Gets Read first appeared on Men With Pens Copyright 2006 — [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]. Better Blogging

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Knight Residence, Edinburgh

Practically Perfect PA

Edinburgh is one of my favourite cities, but I am often more there for work than play. In September this year, it was one of those rare occasions where I had the chance to enjoy the city with friends for a special celebration. It was also a perfect opportunity to scope out suitable locations for future stays. When choosing somewhere to stay when away on business (or pleasure), you want comfort, convenience, and somewhere where you can relax when you have some rare down time.

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The Productivityist Podcast Episode 63: Project Management and You with Cesar Abeid


This week’s episode features a discussion with fellow Canadian and project management professional Cesar Abeid. Cesar is the author of the new book Project Management and You, and we talk about why he wrote the book, the struggles he discovered that people have with project management during his research for the book, and how to apply project management beyond the workplace and into your home life. Relevant Links. Project Management for You Amazon Launch Promotion | Cesar Abeid.

Last Chance to Join the Freelance Writing Course This Year

Daily Writing Tips

Every year more and more companies realize that having a strong online presence is paramount to their success. In order to build that presence they need to produce high-quality content on social media accounts, websites, blogs and online magazines. The result of this trend is a strong and growing demand for online freelance writers. If you like to write, you should definitely consider this opportunity.

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18 Million Americans Work in Multi-Level Marketing

Small Business Labs

The Economist article  Pharaonic creations covers the growing multi-level marketing industry and the various legal battles around whether or not they are illegal pyramid schemes.    For those not familiar with the term "multi-level marketing", think Herbalife, Amway, Avon and other firms that sell products to independent distributors and reward them for finding further recruits.

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Lifelong Plans? Who Needs 'Em!

The Marq

What do you really want to do in life? Sometimes the wrong questions lead to answers that seem, at a minimum, idealistic and, in some cases, completed unrealistic. I’ve asked a similar question of everyone I interview, “What do you want to do when you grow up?” As I’m gaining more experience and learning more about what’s important to me at different stages of my life, I realize the answer may often turn out to be, “it depends when you ask me and what’s my focus in life at that time.”

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Does "Niceness" Belong in the Workplace?

On The Job

Does it pay to be nice at work? In the "Power of Nice: How to Conquer the Business World With Kindness," authors Linda Kaplan Thaler and Robin Koval contend that it does. They worked their way to the top of the advertising industry by being nice, and shunned the dog-eats-dog mentality many of us associate with rising in the ranks, they say.

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Meanings of Tool

Daily Writing Tips

A reader wants to know who’s right about the use of the word tool: My brother vehemently asserts that a tractor counts as a tool, since it is an invention that helps someone do something. However, the rest of [my friends and family] maintain that since it is mechanical as opposed to manual, it does not fit the general connotation of a tool. Please help in settling this discussion once and for all. Like many common English words, tool is used with both literal and figurative meanings.

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Trade In Old Gifts for New Ones

Clutter Coach

by Originally posted 2008-10-17 13:08:34. Republished by Blog Post Promoter. If you’ve got some “gently used” electronic devices that you’d like to trade up for, Best Buy has a trade-in program. This could be a great, low-cost way to unload that phone or PDA you never really used and get something you really want. It’s also a terrific way to do some cheap Christmas shopping for your gadget loving friends and family. You can view the details here.

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Capitalizing the Elements of a Compound Word in a Title

Daily Writing Tips

A reader asks about the capitalization of this title: “We Should Be People-oriented”: In this book I’m editing, there are many such [compounds], all with the second element uncapped. I looked for but didn’t find it in the CMS [ The Chicago Manual of Style ]. Is there a rule on this? It looks incomplete to me! The question of whether to capitalize the second element of a compound word in a title is one of style. Different style guides recommend different usage.

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Book Review: May I Quote You On That?

Daily Writing Tips

It has been quite a while since I reviewed a book about usage and grammar on this site. The only thing to set such books apart is the formatting and the title. The content is usually the same. A new guide from the Oxford Press is no exception to the charge of sameness of information. However, the colloquial writing style and the quotations used to illustrate usage add a dimension that will be especially valuable to ESL learners and struggling native speakers.

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Daily Writing Tips

The Latin phrase non plus , “not more, no further,” entered English as a noun with the following meaning: A state in which no more can be said or done; inability to proceed in speech or action; a state of perplexity or puzzlement; a standstill. As a verb, to nonplus means, “to bring to a nonplus or standstill; to perplex, confound.”. In modern speech, the verb is most commonly seen in the participle form nonplussed.

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