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How to Get Off on the Right Foot When Starting a New Job

On The Job

If you've just gotten a new job, congratulations! A lot of people are starting new positions, and that's something to celebrate. But before you think you've got it made, remember that your "interview" process continues after you begin the job.

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LinkedIn Automation: How Can It Benefit Recruiters?

Recruit CRM

Using tools to automate some of your tasks to manage your LinkedIn can free up time to manage more important and personal tasks in your recruitment business.

2021 65

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Planning For A Peak Hiring Season: But How?

Recruit CRM

Understanding when job-seekers are the most active can positively impact the number of applicants and the type of candidates who apply for an open position. A peak hiring season can typically be seen during the new year from January-February and September-October, just before the holidays.

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Moxie Tip #20: The Life You Want

Virtual Moxie

Develop standards based on the life you want to be living. Decide where your business fits into the bigger life picture. Always tuck your work around your life, rather than tucking your life around your work. Your life matters more. The post Moxie Tip #20: The Life You Want appeared first on AssistU.

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Mandatory COVID Vaccination Policy Template

The federal government is developing a rule requiring employers with more than 100 employees ensure their workers are vaccinated or produce a negative COVID test weekly before entering the workplace. So, what can your organization do to prepare? Get Paycor’s COVID Vaccination Policy Template to help communicate important details to your employees.

7.1 Million Americans Work in the Creator Economy

Small Business Labs

Welcome to the Creator Economy , a study from MBO Partners and Emergent Research, found that 7.1 million American independent workers (freelancers, self-employed, etc.) earn money by creating and monetizing online digital content. In addition to sizing the U.S.

2021 189

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5 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Have in Common


Successful entrepreneurs have five things in common that ensure their growth. How do you measure up? Barbara Corcoran has met hundreds of entrepreneurs in her lifetime, and the best ones are always the same: They have a firm conviction about what they want to do in life.

2021 96

The 2021 Awesomely-Appropriate Holiday-Gift Guide for Colleagues and Clients

Virtual Moxie

. Welcome to the 2021 Gift Guide! Oh, how I love this time of year.

2021 130

Good Morning America on Side Hustles

Small Business Labs

Good Morning America had an excellent segment on gig economy side hustles this morning (see the video below). It focused on women and side gigs, but they hit on the main reasons both men and women get side jobs - they provide a flexible way to supplement their income and earn money in response to a financial shock. We also liked the end of the segment when the announcers talked about the side gigs they've done.

2021 184

Ep 141: Michelle Bowditch – Founder of Door20a

Go Burrows

Michelle Bowditch has several years of experience as an executive assistant, and also many years of experience managing events. She currently runs Door20a, a tech consulting agency, and recently founded the Australian Admin Awards.

2021 71

How to Use Video Marketing on LinkedIn to Help Land Your Next Clients


Video is central to how we connect and learn in the world of virtual work. It can also be a powerful way to promote yourself and your business to attract a consistent stream of ideal clients.

2021 92

Recruit CRM's Recruitment Entrepreneurs Series Ft. Allison Weiss

Recruit CRM

The Founder of CRE Recruiting, CRE at Work and the host of the Growing Careers & Companies podcast, Allison Weiss helps driven commercial real estate professionals to take their careers and businesses to the next level.

2021 62

VCs Betting Big on the Metaverse

Small Business Labs

Crunchbase's VCs Will Spend Billions More To Make The Metaverse A Reality covers the growing amounts of venture capital going to companies involved in the metaverse.

2021 153

Launching a Successful Small Business in 2022

Small Business CEO

Small businesses are the backbone economy in most countries. They drive growth, create jobs and opportunities, bring communities together and contribute to the success of this nation. With the proper support, small businesses can achieve great things for themselves and their local communities.

2022 85

Don’t Let Shame Around Money Rule Your Life: How to Heal It


Whether you’re in debt or trying to climb your way out of debt, shame can be a paralyzing influence that keeps you from making progress toward your goals and creating a better life.

2021 93

Episode 397: Jesse Mecham talks about YNAB, Money Management and Future You


Discover how to master your finances and live more freely with Jesse Mecham, Founder of You Need a Budget, aka YNAB. Personal finance expert, speaker, and business leader, Jesse Mecham is the Founder of You Need A Budget (or YNAB if you are very busy and important).

2021 52

10 Time Management Tips to Help You Reach Your Goals

Jennie Lyon

“I never have enough time”. Does this sound familiar? As business owners we often feel this way. Personally, it isn’t easy to accomplish my work goals and personal aspirations if I don’t manage my time wisely.

Goals 52

5 Must-Know SEO Concepts You Must Follow

Small Business CEO

SEO is one of the most dynamic fields, and quite unsurprisingly, the concepts and trends in the field are ever-transforming.

2021 87

Looking Good, Feeling Unstoppable: Skin Pharm’s Maegan Griffin on Finding the Confidence to Get Started


Making people feel beautiful for a living isn’t just about fixing their skin. It’s about helping them find out what they want to look like, but also who they want to be. Nurse practitioner Maegan Griffin founded cosmetic dermatology practice Skin Pharm in Nashville, Tennessee, in 2017.

2021 86

I was a healthy 38-year-old … but now I have long COVID


Imagine being 38 years old, healthy, a nonsmoker with no pre-existing health conditions, and then waking up one morning feeling like you were being suffocated by an unseen force. . In March of 2020, that was my reality.

2021 18

Feeling Scattered? These 3 Questions Will Help You Stay on Track


On this week’s episode of SUCCESS Line , I talk to an alumni of our very own SUCCESS Coaching who is now growing a coaching business himself. He recently gained three new clients in three days, and while he is excited, he is also feeling overwhelmed by his now jam-packed calendar.

2021 81

13 Best Productivity Apps: Tools to Make 2022 Your Most Productive Year Yet


Nobody has trouble filling their time with things to do. We’re all busy and, frankly, a little overwhelmed. Roughly 38 percent of Americans said they felt too busy to enjoy their lives most of the time, according to a 2018 survey from Pew Research Center. .

2022 79

Headspace vs. Calm: Which Is Right for You?


If you are looking for the best meditation app , you’ve likely encountered Calm and Headspace. Calm is currently the most popular meditation and sleep app in the world. With millions of downloads, it often ranks in the top 10 most popular health and fitness apps overall.

2021 77

Antimicrobial, Functional & Decorative Coatings for Modern-Day Applications


It’s easy to look at high-tech equipment and appreciate the functionality without thinking about the design process, but every little part of manufacturing and design helps ensure these important products look and perform as expected.

2021 76

Local Women’s Shelters Wouldn’t Respond, So These Two Friends Decided to Build Their Own


Shante Saulsberry was born into a world of abuse, drug addiction and poverty. She wants to help others break these cycles. But she doesn’t have millions of dollars or tons of experience working in the nonprofit sector. So how in the world is she starting a women’s shelter?

2021 74

Donald Kelly—The Sales Evangelist—Is Out to Create a Community of World-Class Sellers


hen Donald Kelly was 6 years old, he wanted to make a little pocket cash. His family’s yard in Jamaica had a large mango tree, so one day, he picked a few sweet, juicy mangoes, set up a table in the front yard, and tried to sell them to neighbors. “It

2021 71

How to Create a Budget: 6 Steps to Get You on the Path to Financial Security


The cost of building a life isn’t. We all know expenses exist, but the numbers keep adding up—rent, water, trash, electricity, cable, Internet, car insurance, renter’s insurance, gas, cell phone. It all feels a bit much.

2021 70

How to Build a Team That Supports Multiple Creative Styles


If you’re familiar with the terms lateral and linear thinking, then you know lateral is thought of as the source of creative insight and opportunity. Or, if you’re like us and had to Google the terms, here is something to consider: Experts say there is more than one style of creativity.

2021 68

Becoming a Successful Consultant as a Python Developer

Small Business CEO

Businesses use several employee-hiring models. There are full-time staff, consultants (also called freelancers), part-time employees, and contract workers. photo credit: ThisIsEngineering / Pexels.

2021 85

Breethe Meditation App Review: Is the Ultra-Customized Content Worth the Subscription Cost?


The Breethe meditation and sleep app may be the most comprehensive app available for creating a daily habit of mindful self-care. With more than 1,500 tracks, you will never run out of guided meditations to help you through life’s challenges and soothing music to sleep better.

2021 60

How to Start Trading Forex for a Beginner

Small Business CEO

The forex trading industry attracts new entrants daily. Most of them are wooed by the thought that they will enter the market, make quick profits, and exit. Unfortunately, this is never the case because most beginners are not experienced or knowledgeable on trading strategies.

2021 82

Five Tips for Small Businesses to Sell on Amazon

Small Business CEO

Are you running a small business? Do you have an online store that isn’t bringing you enough revenue? If you want to start selling on platforms like Amazon, there are clear steps for getting started.

2021 81

8 Essential Elements of a Sales Training Video

Small Business CEO

Employees spend an average of 8 hours per week on company-sponsored learning and development. If you’re like most sales organizations, you might be wondering what tools and channels to use for your employee training and development efforts.

2021 81

What to Know Before Deciding to Open a Senior Living Facility

Small Business CEO

They say old age is like gold, scarce but highly demanded. Less than 20% of the world’s population lives to be 90 years or older, and if they do, most of them end up in senior living facilities.

2021 81