November, 2015

The Truth About Why Men Aren’t Romantic Anymore

Dumb Little Man

If you’re frustrated with the fact that men aren’t chivalrous and romantic anymore, you’re not alone. As a women’s dating coach, I constantly get emails from women who complain that chivalry is dead… romance is dead. Believe it or not, it’s actually not dead. Men don’t act more romantic because they’re afraid. Let me explain what I mean… The other day my girlfriend was telling me a story about a guy who gave her friend a promise ring.

2015 219

A day in the life: Amanda Barlow, Senior EA, PZ Cussons

Practically Perfect PA

What does your career path look like? I have been working as the Senior EA at PZ Cussons for over a year now and have developed my role to become an integral part of the ExCo Team. As we have operations in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia, amongst others, I am already looking at ways to improve how all of the EAs spread across the globe can work more efficiently as a team, and make a more telling contribution to the ExCo and Senior Management Teams.

2015 217

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3 Simple Steps to Taking Time Away from Your Business

Office Organization Success

“I don’t have time for a vacation!” ” “My family are sick of talking to my back as I’m constantly hunched over my desk!” ” “Give me five more minutes … and I’ll watch that movie with you.” ” Does any of this sound familiar? I hear it a lot from entrepreneurs. They start their business because they want freedom … a flexible schedule.

2015 206

Better Time Management With Goals

Simple Productivity Blog

Many time management systems say that you should block out time on your calendar for everything you need to do. This means that if you need to take out the garbage, you should schedule time on your calendar to do so. However, this sort of planning can be counterproductive, stifling and rigid. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can have better time management with goals. I’m not talking about the project-based goals, or life goals or finish-line goals here.

2015 164

Regus Responds to Coworking, WeWork by Adding New Brands

Small Business Labs

Officing Today's Regus' Strategy to Win Over the New Generation of Workers  covers two new Regus brands designed to appeal to the many folks choosing coworking spaces over Regus' traditional office suites. The brands are ThinkKora and Spaces.    Key quote on why Regus thinks it needs other brands: Regus is well aware of the fact that young, cool, hip, and creative people may not associate their aspirations with a corporate Regus environment.

2015 163

Improve Your Posture, Improve Your Productivity

Productivity Bits

If you are like most knowledge workers, chances are you spend most of the day working and sitting in front of the computer. This type of job involves repetitive tasks, a slow pace of work, and poor work postures and movements can lead to Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). Observing good practices at work can prevent such work-related injuries.

2015 146

By Mistake: 6 Things You Do That Kill Your Productivity

Dumb Little Man

There are not so many people who know the art of time management well. However, all people want to be productive. In short, being a productive person means to complete tasks faster without sacrificing the quality. Obviously, it is a great thing to learn, but we all reduce our productivity in different ways, even without knowing that. If you are interested in increasing your productivity (but not reducing), read on… #1.

2015 219

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Easy Ideas For A Greener Office

Eco-Office Gals

We would all like to be a little greener but being eco-friendly at work doesn’t always seem the easiest task. It doesn’t have to be difficult though. If the willingness is there, it doesn’t have to cost the earth – excuse the pun – or require drastic changes to your work environment. You don’t even have to be the boss or in charge of the office budget to start some green office initiatives with some of these easy ideas: Car share. Encourage car sharing.

2015 143

5 Ways to Promote Your Training Course through Effective Marketing

The Small Business Blog

Devising an effective course that meets a demand in your industry is only the start of a long journey towards making your training course profitable. In order to fill your course up with attendees, you will need a multi-faceted approach to marketing. To maximise the reach of your training, and to ensure that the people… Read the full article here: 5 Ways to Promote Your Training Course through Effective Marketing on: THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG.

Risk Profiles of Freelancers Versus Non-Freelancers

Small Business Labs

There's lots of people criticizing independent work these days as being too unpredictable, risky and all around bad for both workers and the economy. But a pattern we've noticed is almost all the criticism comes from people with traditional jobs. This got us thinking about risk profile differences between independent workers and those with traditional jobs.

2015 159

How Your Oversharing is Hurting Your Career

On The Job

All you have to do these days to know some of the most intimate details of someone's life is to check out Twitter or Facebook or read the person's blog. Some people like to share -- a lot. That's OK if that's what they want to do, but the rules are different in the workplace. The "transparency" and "authenticity" that someone may adopt online doesn't need to also be translated to the workplace -- and doing so can hurt careers.

2015 203

9 Things to Let Go to Find Ultimate Happiness

Dumb Little Man

Obtaining happiness doesn’t always have to be about gaining. When we think about things that would make us happy we usually find ourselves daydreaming about things we could add on to life: new house, beautiful car, a great lover, a fancy job, an amazing vacation, etc. But what about the things that we could lose or let go of to find our happiness? Often times, it’s what we already have in our life that obstructs us from finding ultimate happiness.

2015 218

Technology of the week: Touchjet Pond Projector

Practically Perfect PA

What is Touchjet Pond Projector? The Touchjet Pond is great piece of kit from over the pond. It is a tiny projector / tablet with built in WiFi and sound. What does it do? This nifty devise is a mixture of a projector and a tablet. It can project an image, around the same size as an 80 inch TV, and users can also download Android Apps which makes it a very big tablet. All of the Android apps can be downloaded including presentation software and games.

2015 160

Find Hidden Pockets of Time

Simple Productivity Blog

One of the cries of the person who is looking for better ways to manage time is “I don’t have enough time!” While for some people this is true, at the same time, most people have bits of time they aren’t using. When we located and use those bits of time, we can actually expand how much time we have to get things done. Today we will look at how to find those hidden pockets of time and put them to the best use. Look At Your Schedule.

2015 138

The Paperless Payroll

Eco-Office Gals

Almost all of the positons worked in today’s offices and cubicles around the world are worked entirely with technology. Be it computers, phones, tablets, and other digital devices, seldom will you find a position that doesn’t utilize at least a computer. But one, non-technological phenomena in today’s business world is the continued use of paper timesheets and timecards to manually add-up and calculate hours.

The Growing Array of Pet Startups

Small Business Labs

CB Insights  From DogBnBs To Subscription Dog Treats: The Tech Startups Unbundling PetSmart covers the growing number of pet focused startups.    BTW, if you're interested in what's happening with startups or venture capital you should definitely subscribe to CB Insights' newsletter  and/or follow their blog. Both are free and they do a great job covering these topics. Back to pet startups.

2015 153

Learning the Art of Business Conversations

On The Job

One of the great things about social media is that it allows you to connect with people from around the world, giving you a chance to interact with someone you might not otherwise get to know. But one of the unfortunate things is that some people hide behind social media and use it as an excuse to avoid actual human interaction. You know, that thing where you talk to someone, maybe even -- gasp -- have a conversation face-to-face!

2015 198

5 Ways to Achieve Any Goal

Dumb Little Man

You are frustrated! You passionately desire to move from where you are to that grand goal you have set for yourself. The only problem is that you seems to fall short of reaching your goal every single time. The passion just seem to die off over time. You are perplexed! What happened? You started out with so much excitement, your goals and the thought of accomplishing them put a spring on your steps every single time. Somewhere along the line things changed and you simply lost track of time!

2015 215

EA to Project Support Manager

Practically Perfect PA

I have worked as an EA for the last for and half years within Core One Technologies, a financial IT company based in the city. Back in April 2011 I started as a team assistant to an office of 25 people but as time went on I started to get involved in finance, human resources and marketing along with the office management. Soon my role was growing quickly and even though this was all change it was exciting and kept be busy and interested.

2015 160

Are You A (Productivity) Spoiled Child?

Simple Productivity Blog

Have you ever been at a child’s birthday party? If the children are young enough, there is an almost-guaranteed scenario that will play out when it comes time for the cake. Some child will want the piece with all the frosting flowers, and it will be claimed by someone else. And instead of accepting another piece, the child will sulk and refuse to eat any cake at all. This type of behavior isn’t limited to spoiled children at birthday parties.

2015 138

Black Friday through Cyber Monday 2015: WordPress Deals Your Website Will Love!

Eco-Office Gals

I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving! I have so much to be thankful for, including Eco-Office Gals. I could never ask for a better gift then the ability to be my own boss and work with some of the most amazing clients. I’ve had the pleasure of working with creative entrepreneurs and small businesses, building their little piece of web real estate. Just like buying a house, your website needs maintenance. You need a good foundation and you want to protect your investment.

2015 122

Millennials and Bleisure Travel

Small Business Labs

Regular readers know we like new buzz words here at Small Business Labs. So we had to post on "Bleisure" - a term describing the blending of business and leisure travel. According to CNN , Bleisure travel is defined as: a term used to define professionals who are shunning the all-work-and-no-fun grind of business trips by mixing them with vacation time.

Travel 151

The One Thing You Should Never Do as a Business Owner

Tips From T. Marie

After 8+ years of being the owner of a small business, there are a ton of lessons I’ve learned. Many of them have been critical in keeping my business going as long as it has. Some of the most critical lessons have been things like understanding value vs price , and the importance of knowing when to pivot and adopt new things. But perhaps the most important lesson I’ve learned as a business owner and personally is the one thing I should never do.

2015 120

Are You Feeling Stuck? Questions to Ask Yourself To become Unstuck

Dumb Little Man

Do you currently feel stuck? Have you been working your finger to the bones and yet you feel that you aren’t making any headway? Has life just been keeping you in the dumps? Feeling stuck can be the most frustrating feeling you will ever have in your life. A feeling of helplessness, and dis-empowerment. Unfortunately, too many of us feel that way sometimes. Let’s be honest life has its ups and downs.

2015 210

Easy event management

Practically Perfect PA

We recently worked with Gallus Events who managed our Assist Travel event in London. The event management was seamless and one of the main reasons was because they used an online event registration / management platform called Eventbrite. I’ve mentioned Eventbrite a few times on the blog and it has been my ‘event tech of the week’ So good is the system that I wanted to highlight it to you guys. Eventbrite Event Management.

2015 160

November Productivity Form Released

Simple Productivity Blog

In 2014 I decided I wanted to release monthly productivity forms with a seasonal theme. Fun tools make it more likely I will use them, and honestly, I get bored with the plain old print and line forms. In 2015 I decided to continue this tradition. So to that end, I will be releasing a new set of productivity forms every month. They are free…all you have to do is sign up for the mailing list here. This month: Harvest. Thanksgiving is this month.

Forms 132

All the free training we offer in one place!

Office Dynamics

At Office Dynamics International we love what we do. Part of what we do is provide tools and services to administrative professionals to enhance the quality of their work-life that promote administrative excellence. We offer high level coaching, onsite workshops, an annual conference for administrative excellence, an executive assistant boot camp and more. However we aren’t able to reach every administrative professional with our our premium programs.

2015 171

SEC Approves Equity Crowdfunding

Small Business Labs

Up until now, entrepreneurs raising money through crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter promised their backers products in exchange for funding.    But last week the Securities and Exchange Commission approved a law allowing the general public to participate in equity crowdfunding campaigns.    The new rules will allow small investors to buy shares of private companies under the provisions of the Jump-Start Our Business Start-Ups (JOBS) Act.

2015 151

Why Does This Geek Girl Use a Paper Planner?

Tips From T. Marie

If you’ve been reading my blog or following me on social media for any length of time, you know that I’m a lover of technology. From my online tech services to reading my books on a Kindle , I love tech and tech gadgets. So why did I recently purchase a paper planner to keep track of my schedule? I’ve been using calendars in Outlook, Google calendar and on my iPhone for years. The first thing I do when a new meeting, event or appointment is scheduled is add it to my Calendar in Outlook.

2015 119

5 Ways to Start Putting Yourself First

Dumb Little Man

There’s often a bad stigma that is attached with putting yourself first. You feel guilty and worry about what others think. But at the same time you know the benefits that come from taking care of yourself first. After all, how are you going to give to others if your cup is not full? In order to function in life, there needs to be a balance of give and take. So you imagine what your life will be like if you can start to say no to people and turn the attention to fulfilling your needs first.

2015 204

How going digital can make business events more valuable

Practically Perfect PA

Networking events are vital to the visibility of a business and present valuable opportunities to build strategic relationships. The importance of such events is no secret. 375 billion a year is spent on events worldwide with £40 billion of that being spent in the UK. Advancements in digital technology are boosting the value of business events. Assistants can organise for interactive technology to be integrated to give both hosts and attendees a richer experience.

2015 136

Keep Your Cool Without Blowing a Fuse!

Eco-Office Gals

Summer: the time of long, hot, days and nights, dense green foliage and lazy barbecue-filled afternoons. But as enjoyable as the summer months can be, it’s all too easy for your home to overheat.

2015 116

The Revolutionary Assistant: Disrupt the Status Quo [Free Webinar Replay]

Office Dynamics

It’s no secret that our world is changing faster than anyone thought possible. As an assistant in the modern workplace, it can feel practically impossible to keep up with the ever-evolving landscape of technology, innovation, and connectivity. All too often, assistants struggle to adapt. Even those who are naturally agile still feel pulled along by forces outside their control.

2015 165

What is Blockchain and Why Should You Care?

Small Business Labs

Spend Matters' article  Why Bitcoin’s Blockchain Technology Could Revolutionize Supply Chain Transparency  does a really nice job explaining blockchain, which the technology behind the online currency Bitcoin. Key quote describing blockchain: blockchain is a shared, distributed ledger — really a new type of database structure — that runs without a single centralized operator.

2015 145

The Science of Motivation

On The Job

Lindsay McGregor says she understands why many companies have turned their corporate backs on the idea of investing in cultural changes touted to drive better employee engagement, productivity, innovation and collaboration. They just didn’t have anyone who could prove to them it worked,” she says. They couldn’t go to the boardroom and say that you get better bottom-line results by changing the culture.”

2015 159

3 Monumental Startup Disasters And How Entrepreneurs Can Avoid Them

Dumb Little Man

Startup culture and entrepreneurship in the US is on the rise. The darlings of Silicon Valley – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat to name a few – have all started with a simple concept. Along the road of their development, huge fortunes have been gained. These are the glorious stories of success we watch in films like “The Social Network” that likely put people under the misconception that anyone can be an overnight millionaire.

2015 202

What is going on with your Exec?

Practically Perfect PA

The key to success in this role is a great relationship between the assistant and their boss. That kinda goes without saying right? Yes it kinda does… but actually it can be pretty difficult maintaining any good relationship when there are a gazillion other things going on. The day to day stuff takes over and it can be easy to neglect each other.

2015 126