November, 2021

Developing your personal brand in a hybrid world

Practically Perfect PA

Developing your personal brand in a hybrid world According to Jeff Bezos, "your brand is what other people say about you when you're not in the room". The quote is pre-pandemic but is very relevant when developing your personal brand in a hybrid world.

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3 Keys to Developing a Successful Career

On The Job

In an ideal world, a boss recognizes your talents and helps you develop them so that your career blossoms. But in the real world, bosses are stressed and overworked and may not have a lot of time to look out for your career.

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10 Ways to Finish Your Year Strong


Get out there. Marketing yourself on social media can be intimidating, but personal branding isn’t valuable if nobody notices you. Put yourself out there, be authentic, and when it’s a question of do I or don’t I?

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The Pandemic Accelerated Boomer Retirements

Small Business Labs

Research from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis found that the pandemic pushed about 3 million baby boomers to retire earlier than they would have otherwise.

Mandatory COVID Vaccination Policy Template

The federal government is developing a rule requiring employers with more than 100 employees ensure their workers are vaccinated or produce a negative COVID test weekly before entering the workplace. So, what can your organization do to prepare? Get Paycor’s COVID Vaccination Policy Template to help communicate important details to your employees.

How Much Should You Charge For Your Services Anyway?

Tips From T. Marie

I think one of the most frustrating things I dealt with when I started my business 14 years ago was trying to figure out what to charge.

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How to Write a Thank You Note

Ian's Messy Desk

The post How to Write a Thank You Note appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. As we head into the holiday, gift-giving season, it doesn’t hurt to think about the thank-you note. Writing a thank-you note does not have to be a complex process. However, the time you put into writing the note is appreciated … Continue reading → You just finished reading How to Write a Thank You Note ! Consider leaving a comment! Recommended: Evernote Essentials.

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How to Say "No" at Work

On The Job

Do you find it difficult to say "no"? You may find it easy to say "no" to brussels sprouts, but much tougher to say "no" to a work colleague who seems to want your help with something that doesn't sound entirely ethical or may violate company policy.

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What to Do When Your Passion Isn’t Enough


When building your business or really, anything, most people will tell you, “Never let that passion die!” Always remember why you started!” Always make sure that your love for what you do is burning bright!”.

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7.1 Million Americans Work in the Creator Economy

Small Business Labs

Welcome to the Creator Economy , a study from MBO Partners and Emergent Research, found that 7.1 million American independent workers (freelancers, self-employed, etc.) earn money by creating and monetizing online digital content. In addition to sizing the U.S.

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5 Time Saving Tips for Home Businesses

Tips From T. Marie

As the owner of a work from home business, it’s important to use your time wisely. Not only will you be providing product or services to others, you’ll be running your own business as well.

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Moxie Tip #21: Biz Owner

Virtual Moxie

Most Virtual Assistants are strong technicians (doing the work that needs to be done). Remember that being a strong biz owner and calling the shots is every bit as important. The post Moxie Tip #21: Biz Owner appeared first on AssistU. Moxie Tips

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The Basics of Flexible Planning

Eat Your Career

Planning is an essential part of success, and it’s a popular topic this time of year. But, as we all know, life is anything but predictable these days. So how can we create plans for the future when everything is fluid? The solution is a technique known as “flexible planning.”

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How to Get Off on the Right Foot When Starting a New Job

On The Job

If you've just gotten a new job, congratulations! A lot of people are starting new positions, and that's something to celebrate. But before you think you've got it made, remember that your "interview" process continues after you begin the job.

2021 210

10 Things Effective Leaders Do to Encourage Innovation


When I work with companies on innovation projects, whether it’s industry-changing new products and services or smaller-scale ideas to streamline internal processes, I often see leaders and their teams struggling to freely ideate and really dive into the brainstorm process.

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Good Morning America on Side Hustles

Small Business Labs

Good Morning America had an excellent segment on gig economy side hustles this morning (see the video below). It focused on women and side gigs, but they hit on the main reasons both men and women get side jobs - they provide a flexible way to supplement their income and earn money in response to a financial shock. We also liked the end of the segment when the announcers talked about the side gigs they've done.

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Going back to the office? 6 tips to help you adjust


This post is part of TED’s “How to Be a Better Human” series, each of which contains a piece of helpful advice from people in the TED community; browse through all the posts here. Our working situations have changed dramatically since early 2020.

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The 2021 Awesomely-Appropriate Holiday-Gift Guide for Colleagues and Clients

Virtual Moxie

. Welcome to the 2021 Gift Guide! Oh, how I love this time of year.

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Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Eat Your Career

You’re a successful professional…and yet, you feel like a fraud. You’ve accomplished a lot…but you worry that it’s some kind of fluke. You’re not smart or talented; just lucky. You look at everyone else and believe they know something you don’t and it’s only a matter of time before you’re exposed.

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Why Some Promotions Can Be a Bad Idea

On The Job

It happens all the time: A great employee receives a promotion and then, for some reason, begins to falter months or years into the new job. The boss may be confused as to why this once great worker seems to be failing.

2021 151

Attracting Success: How to Make the Right People Recognize Your Talent


“Your name is in rooms your feet haven’t even entered yet.” That’s a well-known quote circulating the internet, especially in communities of high achievers. It’s impossible to pinpoint who said it first. The inspirational quote is in hundreds of Instagram captions, Twitter threads and TikTok videos.

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The Rise of the Solopreneur Travel Agent

Small Business Labs

Fora is a new platform that provides full and part-time independent travel agents with the tools needed to run their travel business.    They recently raised $5  million in seed funding. 

2021 176

Episode 396: Pieter Geldenhuys talks about Shoshin Walks, Exploring and Nature


How ‘Shoshin’ are you? Find out about this Japanese approach to the beginner’s mindset and how it’s helped entrepreneur Pieter Geldenhuys live more fully. Pieter Geldenhuys is the Futurist and Director at Institute for Technology Strategy and Innovation.

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To the OG VAs: Do We Have the Moxie to be Legends?

Virtual Moxie

This is for you if you’re an OG VA….say, say, in your business for more than 10 years. In 2006, Oprah created the Legend’s Ball to honor a group of black women who had paved the way for others.

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Make the Leap to Remarkable

Team ELS

Make the Leap to Remarkable. I get it, you’re good at what you do – but are you remarkable? Do you really stand out as “one of the best”? And if you’ve been doing your job for a while now, how do you know if you are that good anymore?

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5 Questions to Ask in Your Job Interview

On The Job

I've never met anyone who takes a job and thinks: "I'm going to quit this job in 90 days and start the job hunting process all over again." So why do so many people find themselves quitting a job after less than a year?

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4 Signs You’re on the Right Path to Your Dream Career


A corner office at a prestigious firm. A net salary of $200,000. A promotion that gives you control of a global team. If you had to describe your dream career, would any of these items make the cut?

2021 94

VCs Betting Big on the Metaverse

Small Business Labs

Crunchbase's VCs Will Spend Billions More To Make The Metaverse A Reality covers the growing amounts of venture capital going to companies involved in the metaverse.

2021 142

What Is An Applicant Tracking System? 20 Powerful Benefits & Features

Recruit CRM

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) simplifies the hiring process for any agency recruiter and HR department.

2021 72

Moxie Tip #19: All Things to All People

Virtual Moxie

You can’t be all things to all people. To try is to set yourself up for failure. Instead, take the time to figure out who you are, what you want, and what you offer. Then go after it! The post Moxie Tip #19: All Things to All People appeared first on AssistU. Moxie Tips

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Ep 141: Michelle Bowditch – Founder of Door20a

Go Burrows

Michelle Bowditch has several years of experience as an executive assistant, and also many years of experience managing events. She currently runs Door20a, a tech consulting agency, and recently founded the Australian Admin Awards.

2021 70

Here’s one way to make solar energy more affordable and accessible: Share it with your neighbors


Climate change is driving social inequities across the globe. People from low-income communities are at higher risk of heat-related illness, and they’re less likely to have access to clean water and more likely to be exposed to toxic air pollution. .

2021 70

Why Building Your Personal Brand Can Take Your Startup to the Next Level—and Where to Start


Most entrepreneurs today realize the value of establishing a strong and memorable brand for their company or product, but how important is it to develop a brand for yourself as an individual business owner?

2021 94

Gig Platform Workforce in England and Wales Nearly Tripled Over the Past 5 Years

Small Business Labs

The U K's Trades Union Congress (TUC) recently released a study that found that about 14.7 percent of workers in England and Wales - about 4.4 million workers - regularly perform work via an online gig platform.    They also found that 22.6%

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