Tue.Apr 06, 2021

Be Present In What You Are Doing Right Now So You Can Finally Start Enjoying Life

Dumb Little Man

It’s unfortunate that in our lives today, we are pretty much running on autopilot. We don’t even realize what we are doing half the time. How many times has this happened to you: you are driving down a road, and after a few minutes you ask yourself, “How did I even end up here?”

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The Legal and Tax Complications Faced by Digital Nomads and Their Employers

Small Business Labs

Thanks to the pandemic, employers and employees have both embraced the advantages of remote work.    Even IBM, which got a lot of attention several years ago  when it ended its remote work programs , is now embracing  remote work.

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Podcast Episode 44: Tasks, Contexts and Will-Do Lists

Simple Productivity Blog

In this episode, I will be talking about why a task list won’t make you productive how a will-do list can help you overcome overwhelm using contexts on closed lists Support me at Patreon: [link]. The post Podcast Episode 44: Tasks, Contexts and Will-Do Lists appeared first on Laura Earnest.

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When Tech Is Better Than Humans

Brilliantly Better

In just two generations, we managed to get from “I don’t know, maybe he / she will survive to all those child illnesses” to “we will save everybody on Earth, from everything, and we actually have the tech to do it” Just 50 years ago, we were still unsure if we can recover from a. Read more.

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For the Aspiring Businessman: 5 Start-Up Tips to Get You Started

Small Business CEO

Apart from a nine-to-five job, it is most likely that you have dreamed of starting a business of your own. However, the big question still remains, “Can you do it?” During this time of pandemic it is quite interesting to note how many people have jumped into the business bandwagon.

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US politics isn't broken. It's fixed | Katherine M. Gehl

TED Talks

The "broken" US political system is actually working exactly as designed, says business leader and activist Katherine Gehl.

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Is it Safe to Leave my Crypto on an Exchange?

Small Business CEO

Cryptocurrency exchanges have come leaps and bounds when it comes to security. That said, companies build crypto exchanges online.

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