Sun.Oct 10, 2021

Ep 136: Nick Ginsburg on Authenticity and Community

Go Burrows

Nick Ginsburg is a passionate and innovative Executive Assistant and mental health advocate.

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Reasons Your Company Should Have a Fraud Hotline

Small Business CEO

Last year, total fraud for businesses and consumers reached an astounding $56 billion dollars. Employee theft, identity scams, and other forms of fraud result in tremendous losses each year — and yet, there are still businesses that don’t have the proper means to protect themselves.

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The Truth About the PA Industry

The Assistant Room

In a recent survey we opened to Personal and Executive Assistants around the world, over 2000 business support professionals answered 'As a PA/EA, what are some common misconceptions that you have either heard of or experienced from others regarding your role?'

2021 57

How to Create a Work Space in Virtually any Area of the Home

Small Business CEO

Here is some much-needed great news: you do not need a dedicated home office to work successfully from home. With some creativity, you can set up a functional workspace in a variety of unused and often overlooked spaces in your home.

2021 85

What B2B Research Solutions Can Do To Help Your Business Grow

Small Business CEO

Standing for Business to Business, B2B research has several differences with B2C (Business to Consumers) research. True to its name, the involved participants in B2B research are mostly businesses or companies. Meanwhile, in B2C, individual consumers are mainly the targets or participants.

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