Thu.Dec 10, 2020

How to Beat Your Competitors by Using TikTok

Dumb Little Man

The popular teen dance and lip-sync social media platform is becoming something bigger. With millennials making up a greater share of the social media platform’s user base, marketers and business owners are suddenly looking at TikTok from a fresh perspective. But why should your business care?

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The Pandemic Accelerated Rise of Ghost (Cloud) Kitchens

Small Business Labs

The global marketing agency Wunderman Thompson's article Ghost Kitchens covers the growing popularity of delivery-first dining and the related growth of ghost kitchens, which are also called cloud kitchens. Ghost restaurants are delivery only, online restaurants that skip storefronts and deliver food straight to the customer. 

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A Newbie’s Guide to a Balanced and Nutrition-Packed Diet

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We often pledge with absolute sincerity that we will stick to a well-balanced and healthy diet, but those pledges turn out to be as empty as a politician’s promises as soon as we scent junk food or chocolates in our vicinity.

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What support do you need from your Executive to work in partnership?

Practically Perfect PA

What support do you need from your Executive to work in partnership? What support do you need from your Executive to work in partnership? This will ultimately be something that is personal to you but I wanted to share what I thought were 10 expectations that Assistants should have from [.].

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All You Need to Know About Odds at an Online Casino

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When it comes to gambling at casinos, the odds are always stacked against you. The house always wins, because they have something called the “ House Edge.” Like casinos in Vegas and Macau , online casinos too have this built-in advantage. Why the “house always wins”.

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Why monkeys (and humans) are wired for fairness | Sarah Brosnan

TED Talks

Fairness matters. to both people and primates.

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Importance Of Having An Instagram Account

Small Business CEO

Whether you’re trying to run a business or establish yourself as an influencer, you need to make sure that you’re using the right social media networks. Failing to take advantage of social media will lead to numerous problems and prevent you from reaching your full potential.

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