Wed.Jul 29, 2020

How To Develop Self-Discipline

Dumb Little Man

We start something new with the best intentions. We have great aspirations and a clear vision. We feel inspired. How could we fail? And yet, we do. Over and over. Things don’t go the way we planned. We get discouraged. Maybe things are even going well, but somehow we just run out of steam.

2020 200

Episode 324: Let’s Zoom with Phil Simon


Phil Simon returns to the program to talk about a service that more people have started using in 2020… some whether they wanted to or not: Zoom. This episode is sponsored by Bambee. When running a business, Human Resources issues can kill you. There’s so much to wrap your head around and hiring an HR Manager is going to cost you – they command an average of seventy-thousand dollars a year! That’s where Bambee comes in.

2020 40

5 Career Tips for Project Managers Post-Pandemic

Dumb Little Man

It is said that difficult times bring out the best in people. Time and again, people, communities, and businesses have proved the same. All across the globe, nations are facing economic uncertainties while businesses are finding it difficult to manage challenges due to the current world crisis.