Sun.Oct 11, 2020

Getting A Kindle Book List From Amazon

Simple Productivity Blog

I've been buying Amazon books since 2009. That's a whole lot of books. And while writing a recent article on backlogs, I realized that I have built up a huge backlog of unread books on my Kindle. How many, exactly? Well, there's no easy way to tell.

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5 Skills & Strategies Required By A Recruiter In The Post COVID-19 Market

Recruit CRM

The effect of Covid-19 shall for sure last for years. Although everybody has called it as the new normal , the recruitment companies needs to pace up its market after the end of the pandemic.

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How Much Personal Loan Can You Get on 30,000 Salary?

Small Business CEO

With the ease of borrowing offered by instant personal loans, people from a variety of financial backgrounds can now fund their short term and long term goals with ease. Having said that, the loan amounts offered can vary on the applicant’s monthly income.