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What New Batteries Mean For Renewable Energy

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The 2020s are expected to be good for green energy. At the 2010’s end, renewables powered the equivalent of 43.5 million homes in America. Solar and wind generated tens of billions in investments and hundreds of thousands of jobs each.

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Why You Need a Letter of Recommendation Now

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Since the pandemic began, many people have been laid off, or taken positions that "underemploy" them. In other words, they haven't been in their "real" job for some time. As the job market starts to improve this year, many people will want to return to their "real" jobs.

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9 Best Ways To Organize Digital Photos

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Many people agree that the best way to organize digital photos is to gather them in one place and arrange in folders with comprehensible names. However, there are certain nuances you need to consider while doing so.

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How to Manage Yourself When Making the Move to Self-Employment


For most people, the very thought of leaving a full-time permanent job and making the move to self-employment can make them feel anxious. That can often be the reason why it’s so difficult to follow through with those thoughts and sever the ties with their current employer.

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Short in Cash? Hard Money Loans May Be The Solution For Your Financing Needs

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Taking out a traditional loan can be very intimidating because these traditional banks are becoming reluctant in foreclosing problematic properties. Getting NYC hard money loans will help these real estate owners to obtain funding in the form of loans.

The Context Is Not The Situation

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When I was younger, every time I was exposed to a new way of thinking, I was making an “ism” out of it. Like “postmodernism”, or “Buddhism”, or “materialism”, or whatever. Every philosophy, every system, esoteric science, ancient practice, all these were somehow wrapped in their own bubble, and each of them was holding “the. Read more. The post The Context Is Not The Situation appeared first on Dragos Roua. Personal Development

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