Sun.Sep 12, 2021

How to Build a Personal Brand: 9 Tips for Making a Mark That Lasts


Corporate brands involve much more than logos and color palettes. A brand determines how you think and feel about a company. That includes both positives and negatives. For instance, you may associate a brand with luxury and high price. For the consumer, that may mean high status and reliability.

2021 76

Business idea! Sell a Mexican food cookbook online

Thanks to the benefits offered by the Internet, today it is possible to maintain contact in real time with Mexicans who even live on other continents. Business idea

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Ep 132: It’s Lonely at the Top (For Assistants Too)

Go Burrows

Do you ever feel alone in your role as an assistant? Have you ever experienced dehumanizing moments as people seem to look through you, to your executive?

2021 60

5 Corny Jokes Will Get You Past Cold-Calling Gatekeepers

Use humor, like Disney's best ride, for better prospecting results. Marketing

2021 105

What Employers Should Know About Negligent Hiring

Small Business CEO

As an employer, you have a lot of responsibilities. You are, in some cases, even responsible for the actions of your employees. There’s a legal theory called respondeat superior.

2021 84

How Real Leaders Coach Their Employees For Success

The best benefit of effective coaching is improved employee engagement. Reimagining the Way We Work

2021 105

The Stranger From Ten Years Ago

Brilliantly Better

Today it has been a proper Sunday. I didn’t have a real, settled and cozy Sunday in months. Probably half a year, if I really think about it.

2021 52

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2021 83

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2021 83

Mexican songs to celebrate Independence

Celebrate this September 16 with the following songs for Mexican Night! Playlist Entrepreneur

2021 82

Orbia Advance Corporation, S.A.B. de C.V. Unsponsored ADR (MXCHY) Soars 6.8%: Is Further Upside Left in the Stock?

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2021 70

Moderna ETFs to Rally on Two-in-One Vaccine Booster Shot News

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2021 63