Wed.Apr 14, 2021

The Biggest Problems Men Never Talk About

Dumb Little Man

Because men are often uncomfortable or unwilling to discuss their emotions there are many issues they face that go undiscussed. This leaves many men suffering in silence, allowing problems to steadily worsen over time. The result of these unaddressed issues can be devastating.

2021 201

Blockchain In Recruiting: Will That Impact A Recruiter's Job?

Recruit CRM

It's not unknown to you that Blockchain technology has the sheer ability to disrupt industries across all spectrum with its game-changing awesomeness, but what exactly is blockchain technology? Is it a currency? Is it a data storage system?

2021 52

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The Efficient Solution To Miscommunication In Healthcare

Dumb Little Man

Conveying clear messages to others can be difficult. Whether it is through written words, an oration given, or just a conversation between friends, misunderstandings run rampant if the message is unclear to the listener.

2021 198

The Case For Permanent Limited Supply

Brilliantly Better

Cryptocurrencies are pushing the world forward these days, they’re way beyond the point of “just some punks playing with toy money” There are a few caveats, though, some of them very subtle, and I decided to write about one of them today, as part of my 365 days writing challenge.

2021 52

Episode 366: Be Productive with Uncertainty with David Neagle


It’s been a whirlwind of uncertainty lately. David Neagle shares his practical insights to help you step out of the blame game and embrace uncertainty. This episode is sponsored by LinkedIn Jobs.

2021 52

Online Marketing Tips: Four Reasons to Focus on Video

Small Business CEO

As a small business owner, online marketing can be the greatest growth tool at your disposal. Younger generations don’t respond well to traditional marketing. And running a traditional marketing campaign is often significantly more expensive than running an online campaign.

2021 67

A NASA astronaut's lessons on fear, confidence and preparing for spaceflight | Megan McArthur

TED Talks

How does an astronaut prepare physically and mentally to launch into space?

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