Tue.Sep 08, 2020

Study Finds Most Rideshare Drivers Want to be Independent Contractors

Small Business Labs

A recent survey shows that most rideshare drivers prefer being independent contractors instead of employees, including a slight majority of full-time drivers.

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How To Launch And Optimize A Corporate Blog Generating Leads

Dumb Little Man

Blogging became one of the most powerful tools for leads generation. Today, content plays a big part not only in entertaining but also in making sales. Though, there is a long way between just a reader, aka follower, and a qualified lead. How to make that way shorter?

2020 154

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8 Ways to Make Sure Your Great Idea Isn't Ignored

On The Job

Ever had a good idea shot down at work? Most of us have been through it at least once. The reasons may vary, but the result is the same. You feel frustrated, or angry -- even depressed. Why can't your boss/colleagues recognize a great idea?

2020 141

Dear Facebook, this is how you're breaking democracy | Yaël Eisenstat

TED Talks

"Lies are more engaging online than truth," says former CIA analyst, diplomat and Facebook employee Yaël Eisenstat. "As As long as [social media] algorithms' goals are to keep us engaged, they will feed us the poison that plays to our worst instincts and human weaknesses."

2020 113

The Benefits of Using Big Data

Small Business CEO

Big data is one of those buzzwords in the business community that everyone is racing to try and use to their advantage. The sad part is, not everyone even knows what it is, much less how to analyze it.

2020 60

‘New Normal’ Workspace: Why Serviced Offices are The Way to Go

Small Business CEO

In the last few months, the traditional understanding of workspace and everything related to it has become irrelevant.

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5 Ways to Gain Business Experience

Small Business CEO

If you’re interested in a career in business but don’t know where to start, there are plenty of ways to get experience. Business is all around us and can be found in places you wouldn’t expect.

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