Wed.Nov 23, 2022

‘Maybe the Only Way to Have an Answer to the Unknown Is to Face It Every So Often’


The first time I went whitewater rafting, my river guide was a scraggly hippie whose response to every topic, from butterfly sightings to tornado warnings, was, “No worries.” This was the spring of 2005.

2022 260

The Great Return Of Holiday Treats


Sharing food with coworkers can bring joy, but it can also be complicated because of allergies, food sensitivities, diets and even office politics. .


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The 2022 Awesomely-Appropriate Holiday-Gift Guide for Colleagues and Clients

Virtual Moxie

Welcome to the 2022 Gift Guide! Curating for this year was so much fun. I kept in mind my want to feature companies and makers I’d not featured last year (and, as you’ll see, I didn’t quite stick to it!),

2022 207

A Q&A With Brian and Jamie Ratner, the Founders of CertifiKID


Brian and Jamie Ratner have a lot going on.

2022 207

Elevating the Virtual Interviewing Experience

How do you break through the digital barrier when conducting a virtual interview and share your exceptional self? Think in unconventional ways to elevate the virtual interviewing experience.

Episode 450: Mike Williams talks about Doing to Done


There’s a better way to be the best. That’s what Mike Williams shares in his book, Doing to Done: Productivity Made Simple and what we talk about in this episode of A Productive Conversation with Mike Vardy.

2022 52