Tue.Sep 14, 2021

The Pandemic Accelerated Independent Worker Use of Online Marketplaces

Small Business Labs

One of the most significant shifts we’ve seen over the 11 years of the ongoing MBO Partners State of Independence study series is the increased use of online marketplaces to find work/customers by freelancers and other independent workers.

2012 28

Considering Working with a Resume Writer? Read This First

Eat Your Career

For many years, as a career coach, I offered resume writing services. And I don’t mind telling you that I was a darned fine resume writer.

Resume 141

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Change Is Growth: 3 Tips for Embracing New Opportunities


An important part of personal development is overcoming the human tendency to run from change. Being open to new opportunities and mindsets—wherever they may come from—is the only way to keep growing.

2021 95

Stop Expecting to Get Paid for Your Time


How much is your time worth? An "I don't work for free" mindset could actually be doing you more harm than good. Prepare to Succeed

2021 109

Top 3 Recruitment Metrics Recruiters Must Look Into

Recruit CRM

With the roll out of the COVID-19 vaccines comes economic recovery in the United States. As businesses rebuild, hiring activity has seen a natural increase, with 86% of employers now hiring. Despite the 5.9%

2021 72

These 2 Entrepreneurs Raised $50 Million to Build the Future of NFTs and the Metaverse


The co-founders and co-CEOS of RECUR discuss their company, their successful Series A and their advice for anyone looking to get into the NFT space.

2021 101

Moxie Tip #11: Play to the Strong

Virtual Moxie

You can’t possibly give of yourself to everyone. So play to the strong (those who are ready and able to make use of what you have to offer), not the weak (those who seem to need what you offer, but aren’t really ready to accept what you can do for them or make good use of it).

2021 37

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The Truth About Setting Affordable Rates

Tips From T. Marie

If I had a dime for every time someone complained that people won’t pay their rates, I’d be rich. Well, not rich exactly, but I’d have a few bucks for Starbucks instead of Dunkin’ Donuts. What do I tell them? The truth about setting affordable rates.

2021 31

Why Digitizing the First Mile Is the Next Evolution for a Connected Supply Chain


By ensuring the entire supply chain is digitized, teams can ensure happier partners and happier customers. . Supply Chain Management

2021 97

Jim Rohn on How to Evaluate Your Relationships


Were you to evaluate the major influences in your life that have shaped the kind of person you are, this has to be high on the list: the people and thoughts you choose to allow into your life. My mentor, Mr. Earl Shoaff, gave me a very important warning in those early days that I’ll share with you.

Why Local Marketing Still Matters in the Digital Age


When budgets are limited, local marketing creates better conversions and more reliable monthly earnings. Success Strategies

Blitz Empires – How The Mighty Fall In Modern Times

Brilliantly Better

I’m a long time Apple fan. I mean very, very long time. I remember being a student, 30 years ago and being fascinated with computers. Not only the entire computer phenomenon was at its very beginning, but I was also in Romania, a country which was just escaped communism a couple a years ago.

2021 15

Why Seeking Out Investors Could Sabotage Your Business


Bootstrapping forces you to cut the fluff from day one. Starting a Business

2021 94

Top 10 Reporter Jobs Worth Bank in Los Angeles

Small Business CEO

When it comes to pursuing a career in journalism, there are numerous opportunities available. A journalism job includes many opportunities for advancement and income, ranging from classic print, radio, and television media jobs to digital media, marketing, communications, and other fields.

Goals 14

4 Signs That It's Time to Change Jobs


When should you look for a new role? Use the FLIP method to find out. Careers

2021 91

8 Times When You Should Hire a Lawyer

Small Business CEO

When you’re presented with a legal issue, you may be wondering whether or not you need to hire a lawyer. While hiring an attorney for legal services rarely hurts your case, the truth is that not every circumstance requires the expertise of a lawyer.

2021 10

Master the Two Leading Spreadsheet Programs Today


Learn the ins and outs when using Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. Data Management

Global Businesses Need Global Solutions Like Remote


Remote makes it easy to manage onboarding, payroll, and more. Reimagining the Way We Work

Cinemex will give 2x1 passes to doctors and nurses


The promotion will be valid for any collaborator in the health sector from September 16 to 29 in all its complexes in the country. Cinemex

These Mexican wings triumph in the home of the Buffalo Bills


Wings Army won first place in the BBQ category at the National Buffalo Wing Festival in the United States. In addition, it was recognized in Brussels, Belgium. Franchises

2021 89

Shortage of supplies and containers could lead to shortages on Good End and Christmas


Given the shortage of containers that has occurred worldwide since mid-2020, various industrial sectors suffered damages in delivery times and logistics planning. Logistics

2021 89

Celebrity Slams Food at $30K-Per-Ticket Met Gala: "This is Why They Don't Show Y'all the Food'


Keke Palmer posted a photo of her meal to Instagram from inside the ever-exclusive event on Monday night. News and Trends

2021 87

The iPhone13 Pro Max will cost almost 29 thousand pesos and will be in pre-sale from October


Although all these characteristics are interesting, social networks highlighted that the size of the notch was finally reduced by 20 percent. Apple

Here's Why You Should Hold Onto Select Medical (SEM) Now


Select Medical (SEM) is a long-term player on the back of its leadership position in acute care services. Stocks

The Best Under-Desk Ellipticals of 2021


Turn your work into a workout and meet your cardio goals without ever having to leave your desk. Lifestyle

2021 83

How to Work From Home Without Getting Bored


Spicing up your home office can spark inspiration and boost productivity. The New Digital Future

Aligner war begins? This Chilean startup Wizz seeks to consolidate in the Mexican market with low cost invisible orthodontics


Through the use of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and 3D Printing; This startup will seek to increase access to dental health in Mexico. Startups

Why Greif (GEF) Could Be a Top Value Stock Pick


Greif (GEF) seems to be a good value pick, as it has decent revenue metrics to back up its earnings, and is seeing solid earnings estimate revisions a. Stocks

2021 82

3 Industry Machinery Stocks Set to Benefit if the Infrastructure Bill is Passed


The industrial machinery industry, which bore the brunt of COVID-19-pandemic-led mandatory closures, is regaining momentum on the back of favorable go. Stocks

2021 82

Is Northern Dynasty Minerals a Good Mining Stock to Own?


Canada-based copper mining company Northern Dynasty Minerals’ (NAK) Pebble Project has attracted significant investor attention because of its potenti. Stocks

2021 78

Lockheed Martin (LMT) Stock Moves -0.57%: What You Should Know


Lockheed Martin (LMT) closed at $344.34 in the latest trading session, marking a -0.57% move from the prior day. Stocks

2021 76

Matson (MATX) Dips More Than Broader Markets: What You Should Know


Matson (MATX) closed at $83.66 in the latest trading session, marking a -1.46% move from the prior day. Stocks

2021 75

NextEra Energy (NEE) Gains As Market Dips: What You Should Know


NextEra Energy (NEE) closed at $84.64 in the latest trading session, marking a +0.07% move from the prior day. Stocks

2021 74

McDonald's (MCD) Stock Moves -0.03%: What You Should Know


In the latest trading session, McDonald's (MCD) closed at $241.13, marking a -0.03% move from the previous day. Stocks

2021 72

Stocks to Correct 5-10% in 2021? Buy These ETFs


Some market watchers are raising concerns about overvaluation in the market. Investors can thus bet on these undervalued but top-ranked ETFs. Stocks

2021 70

Procter & Gamble (PG) Stock Moves -0.17%: What You Should Know


In the latest trading session, Procter & Gamble (PG) closed at $145.43, marking a -0.17% move from the previous day. Stocks

2021 70

Qorvo (QRVO) Stock Moves -0.13%: What You Should Know


Qorvo (QRVO) closed the most recent trading day at $182.13, moving -0.13% from the previous trading session. Stocks

2021 69