Thu.Jan 28, 2021

CNBC's Ultimate Side Hustle Guide for 2021

Small Business Labs

The number of people who have side hustles (also called side gigs) has been growing rapidly over the past 5 years.      The reasons for this growth - and how to start and run a side gig - are nicely explained in CNBC's extensive field guide The Ultimate Side Hustle Guide.

2021 166

The Case Against 50/50 Fairness In Modern Marriage

Dumb Little Man

The mindset of modern, two-career marriage isn’t working. This has certainly been our experience.

2021 153

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A stealthy reimagining of urban public space | Elizabeth Diller

TED Talks

Cities are becoming increasingly privatized: commercial real estate dominates the streets, carving up open space that once belonged to the public and selling it as a commodity to the highest bidder.

2021 83

Foolproof Your Content: The Best Proofreading Software All Small Businesses Should Use

Small Business CEO

According to Grammarly, they have 6.9 million active users who use their automated proofreading software. However, that’s one of the only software options out there that you can use for proofreading your emails, documents, or posts. But what is the best proofreading software?

2021 56