Thu.Nov 12, 2020

4 Learning Experiences That Can Redefine The Way Your Child Evolves

Dumb Little Man

Raising a child is no easy game. Many struggling parents tend to look for parenting tips from external sources: parenting books, family & friends, psychologists, and a lot of the times, to no avail.

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How to be fearless in the face of authoritarianism | Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya

TED Talks

How do you stand up to authoritarianism? And what does it mean to be "fearless"? In this powerful talk, housewife-turned-politician Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya describes her unlikely bid to defeat Belarus's long-time autocratic leader in the nation's 2020 presidential election.

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Recruit CRM's Very First Recruitment Entrepreneur Series Ft. Paul Diaz

Recruit CRM

A servant leader with a diverse background in recruiting and operations across numerous industries, Paul enjoys working in environments that encourages and brings about innovation and change.

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