Sun.Mar 21, 2021

Why I Keep My Cell Phone On

Simple Productivity Blog

One of the common pieces of productivity wisdom is "turn your cell phone off." I agree that smart phones can be a distraction. It all comes down to managing the usage. And I leave mine on, even when I need to concentrate. Here's why.

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How to Manage Zoom Fatigue and Protect Your Energy

The Assistant Room

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic there has been a monumental shift in the way we conduct business, swapping the office for spare bedrooms, […]. The post How to Manage Zoom Fatigue and Protect Your Energy first appeared on The Assistant Room. Career

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Resume Parsing 101: Top Benefits Of Using A Resume Parser

Recruit CRM

Understanding resume parsing is not that difficult if you're already working in the recruitment sector for years. However, grasping its details shouldn't be too big of a deal if you're just starting out as well.

Digital Marketing Tips For Your Small Business

Small Business CEO

Marketing is the fun part in business. Take a moment to see it like this; you get the opportunity to tell the world about your passion and what your business has to offer. Sure, there’s more to it than that, but business marketing doesn’t have to be a dreaded topic of conversation.

Ep 107: Deborah Mendes on Health and Wellness in the Workplace

Go Burrows

Deborah Mendes is a senior executive assistant with 20 years experience supporting high level executives in large global companies. In this episode, Deborah shares her tips on managing constant interruptions, self-care, self-awareness, and health and wellness in the workplace. LEADERSHIP QUOTE.

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A History Of Weirdness: From Websites To Apps, And Then To Smart Contracts

Brilliantly Better

One of the benefits of sticking around in a certain niche is that, in time, you get a broader perspective.

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Things that Car Owners Do that Surprisingly Damage Their Vehicles

Small Business CEO

Cars are costly investments. As much as possible, you want to protect your investments. Unlike a house, the value of your car will depreciate over time. Whether used or unused, it will never be as expensive as you the moment you made your purchase.

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