Thu.Sep 10, 2020

How to Earn Money on Social Media in this Pandemic

Dumb Little Man

With the onslaught of the pandemic, more and more are finding themselves without work as numerous industries lose revenue at an alarming rate. In America alone, it was reported that 20.5 million Americans were unemployed as of April 2020.

2020 Annual Reader Survey

Simple Productivity Blog

Every year I take some time to ask my readers and followers what they would like to see over the next year. This year I've included questions about how COVID is affecting you.

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A lesson in turning adversaries into allies | Leah Garcés

TED Talks

When you're on opposite sides of an issue, how do you broker peace with your adversaries and work together to solve a problem?

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8 Useful Tips To Start A Trucking Company

Small Business CEO

Trucking business is not meant for the faint-hearted. Entrepreneurs in the trucking industry constantly face barraging challenges and tough decisions. Yet the trucking sector presents the opportunities for high yielding businesses even for small operators.

2020 61

How Can You Unlock Your Financial Potential? It Starts with Credit, According to Colin Yurcisin

Small Business CEO

We’re expected to pay taxes, make payments, take out loans, review interest rates, and manage credit cards the moment we’re thrust out into the world after high school.

2020 56

The Most Important Hard Skill Business Owners Should Learn in 2020? SEO!

Small Business CEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of those terms that intimidates, confuses, and frustrates so many today.

2020 56

How to Encourage Employees Back to the Office

Small Business CEO

The lockdown has been lifted for a few months now, and the country has, by-and-large, reopened for business. But while many of the country’s office workers might have the facility to work from home, the same isn’t true of everyone.

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