Wed.Mar 17, 2021

Building a Cohesive Professional Environment Part 2

Team ELS

Building a Cohesive Professional Environment Part 2. Acknowledgment of bias is not enough to truly make a difference in the workplace.

Episode 362: Writing at Middle School with Kristina Naydonova


I catch up with the very thoughtful 13 year old novelist Kristina Naydonova to learn how to carve out our own paths. This episode is sponsored by NuCalm.

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Sapiens, Neanderthal And The Potential Covid-19 Split / Switch

Brilliantly Better

First, I know you’re tired of this pandemic s**t. Me too. Last year was brutal, from many points of view, and the main cause is obviously the Covid-19 effect. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I know the virus is real, and it killed people.

2021 52

What are the Common Office 365 Migration Paths?

Small Business CEO

With the increasing popularity of cloud computing, a lot of businesses are carrying out Office 365 migration for its wide variety of services which includes cloud-based communication, productivity and collaboration features.

How to have constructive conversations | Julia Dhar

TED Talks

"We need to figure out how we go into conversations not looking for the victory, but the progress," says world debate champion Julia Dhar. In this practical talk, she shares three essential features of productive disagreements grounded in curiosity and purpose. The end result?

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