Fri.Dec 11, 2020

Hearing Aids: Expectations vs Reality

Dumb Little Man

“A hearing aid is an ultra-miniature electro-acoustical device that is always too large. It must amplify sound a million times but bring in no noise. It must operate, without failure, in a sea of perspiration, a cloud of talcum powder, or both.

2020 211

The World Might Be A Better Place If Everyone Would Treat Their Opinions As They Treat Their Dicks

Brilliantly Better

First of all, people would take way more care about their opinions. Instead of keeping them unchanged for years, they might check them out at least weekly.

2020 74

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A strategy for supporting and listening to others | Jeremy Brewer

TED Talks

As a police officer, Jeremy Brewer interacts with individuals experiencing trauma and loss on a daily basis.

2020 83

Scraping for E-Commerce: Why Rotating Proxies Are a Must

Small Business CEO

E-commerce websites are a hub of information, info about pricing, available products, and the stock that a retailer has, etc. To competing vendors, this information is vital. Thus, web scraping tools exist.

2020 82