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Calendar Management for Executive Assistants

Office Dynamics

You must keep these things in mind when you are managing your executive’s calendar. Calendar management is an important skill. You must think about your manager’s workload, other commitments, travel, upcoming meetings, past meetings, previous week’s schedule. Did he/she travel? Next two weeks’ schedule Travel?

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5 Productivity Products and Services to Boost Company Morale


Business owners might enjoy alerts related to order updates, assigning and accepting urgent tasks and talking on the fly without having to look for your phone, such as during hectic travel. It has pages and calendar months to log events and expenses. In a world of online tools, sometimes it’s best to go basic.

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Solution for Major Travel Planning Pain Points

Office Dynamics

Travel planning is infamous for being a huge time, patience, and sanity suck for administrative professionals. What seems like a simple there-and-back trip to a traveler is a whirlwind of coordination and research for the admin. We surveyed over 600 admins on their travel planning practices. Creating an Itinerary (34%).

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Mauro Repacci CEO of Boundless Life | Work, Travel, Kids: The Digital Nomad Experience for Families


In his work, he’s always built for impact at the intersection of real estate and travel technology. Blending local education, coworking, and travel, it’s a transformative experience for every generation and a fresh twist on the future of work. . You had the freedom to travel when you wanted. Transcript.

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Your business travel tips

Practically Perfect PA

A few weeks ago I asked you to send in your best travel tips – and well loads of you did! Here are your business travel tips… Travel Apps . Sign yourself and your boss up for “Tripit Pro” travel App. Automated trip sharing ability – great for group/team travel. Outlook Calendar .

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How to Color Code Your Calendar

Jen Lawrence

Color coding your calendar is one of those organizational tricks that most people shrug off. I’m here to tell you – if you aren’t color coding your calendar, you’re missing out. Color coding your calendar allows you to see how your time will be used at a glance. Every person’s needs are different.

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Dear Debbie: How Can I Balance the Needs of My Business with the Calm of a Routine?


To me, productivity isn’t about mastering all the sections of your life into one manageable calendar. This is especially helpful for those who frequently travel and don’t have the comfort and sameness of home. Travel is the biggest disruption for routine. Quite frankly, don’t try that. It’s impossible.

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