How bad is space tourism for the environment? And other space travel questions, answered.

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What impact will commercial space travel have on the environment? That’s jurisdiction Congress won’t give the agency until 2023. There doesn’t seem to be an abundance of travelers’ insurance policies for space. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos just flew to space.

Mobile Threats – What Stays in Your Mobile Without Your Permission

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According to a study , 70% of employees use their smartphones within their office environment and 71% spend over two hours a week to access company information on the phone. But without having a mobile security policy in place, chances are, the uninvited guest is already here!

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Undersea volcanoes are home to more life than we know

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If seamounts — mountains bereft of volcanic violence or chaotic chemistry — are oases of life, active undersea volcanic environments are far more hostile. Universal History Archive/Universal Images Group via Getty Images. Yet the threats these castles of biodiversity face are mounting.

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