Close the Gap on Prefixes and Suffixes

Daily Writing Tips

A common error is to refer to very large amounts of money with a phrase like “multi-billion-dollar budget” or, worse, “multi-billion dollar budget.” However, words prefixed by multi need no hyphen: “multibillion-dollar budget.”. Suffixes are rarely hyphenated, either ( airborne, lifelike, nationwide ).

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5 Tips for Styling Numbers

Daily Writing Tips

Numbers in the millions and higher orders of magnitude may be in combined numeral and spelled-out form (“The project was budgeted at $2.5 Sentences should never begin with a numeral; either spell out the number (“Two thousand eleven was the year the business turned a profit”) or recast the sentence (“The business first turned a profit in 2011”). Below you’ll find a handful of tips about appropriate use of numbers in various contexts. Money.

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